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Projects: London’s Black Taxis
Projects: Heathrow Personal Rapid Transit Pods
Projects: The London Eye
Projects: Hitachi Class 800 Trains

Get to Know TRB

For the last sixty years TRB has led the way in the design and manufacture of lightweight panels and structures. Our goal is to enable vehicles and structures to be more efficient by reducing their mass. Our products are used extensively in the Aerospace, Defence, Marine, Rail and Automotive industries. Read More

Detrainment Doors

Emergency evacuation doors for Underground and Metro rail vehicles.   Detrainment Doors

Riviera Sleeper UAT Module

PRM-TSI compliant Universal Toilet Access Module For The Riviera Sleeper.   Riviera Sleeper UAT Module

Heathrow Personal Rapid Transit Pods

Chassis system for state-of-the-art public transport vehicles.   Heathrow Personal Rapid Transit Pods

Blackfriars Station

Backing structures for use on the new Blackfriars bridge and upgrade of the train station.   Blackfriars Station

Gamma Knife® Machine

A strong platform for patients to lie on while undergoing precision surgery.   Gamma Knife® Machine

Team Antarctica

A solar-powered vehicle designed by students in the Netherlands to explore Antarctica.   Team Antarctica

TRB News & Updates

NEWS - March 17, 2016

TRB Supporting National Apprenticeship Week

We believe in the value of apprenticeships and giving young people a chance to learn a skilled profession.To recognise National Apprenticeship Week we will be receiving a visit from Neil Darwin, CEO of Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough Enterprise Partnership (LEP), who will be meeting our apprentices and gaining first hand experience of manufacturing lightweight components in our factory.


Hitachi Bike Storage Unit

Hitachi’s high-speed Class 800/801 Super Express features a sophisticated, lightweight storage unit for bicycles throughout the train.

Custom Design & Engineering

Using modern 3D CAD software, TRB Lightweight Structures engineering and design team can help you from initial concept through to complex designs with full manufacturing detail.  Read More

We Provide End-to-End Services So You
Can Focus On Delivering Great Products

Design & Validation

Design concepts, detailed manufacturing drawings, FEA and physical testing.


Precision manufacturing from low volume to large scale production.


Experienced engineers to assist with or manage installation processes.

Service & Maintenance

Around the clock response to queries, repair assistance and spare part deliveries.

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We can take a project from idea to full scale production, installation and maintenance.
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Why Composites

What are composites and why use them? Composites are created by combining different materials together to form a whole structure that is better than the individual components. Composites are frequently found in nature, and there are many engineered composites in our world. Wood is a composite of long cellulose fibres within a matrix of lignin. Reinforced concrete is a composite of long steel fibres within a matrix of cement and stones. Papier-mache is a composite of long paper strips in a matrix of homemade glue.


We engineer and assemble composites, core material, lightweight metals and adhesives into finished, ready-to-install products, from Train Doors, Aircraft Galleys, Satellite Solar Substrates to Boat Decks, Blast Containment Materials and Race Car Chassis.  Read More About Materials


TRB Lightweight Structures site covers over 30,000 ft² and includes multi-daylight hot presses, metal pre-treatment, CNC machining and metalworking, freezers for adhesives and prepreg, large ovens for vacuum curing and moulding, aluminium honeycomb machining, full painting facilities, clean assembly areas, CMM equipment and final assembly areas.


As well as AS9100 (BS EN 9100), together with many individual customer quality approvals, TRB Lightweight Structures hold the prestigious International Rail Industry Standard (IRIS). Both demonstrate the credentials needed to provide consistently high quality to any industry sector.

Our Facilities Include

  • Computer-controlled multi-daylight heated platen presses for high-performance material bonding
  • CNC machining and shaping
  • Clean area for composite production
  • Large ovens capable of temperatures exceeding 200° C
  • Aluminium Honeycomb cutting, machining and expanding equipment
  • Portable ‘state-of-the-art’ CMM equipment
  • 3D modelling through SolidWorks and Finite Element Analysis
  • State-of-the-art painting facility, approved by Trimite and Dupont